I offer warm, compassionate and down-to-earth counselling and psychotherapy in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Most of us, at some time in our life, have an experience of being knocked off our tracks, or of feeling stuck and uncomfortable in our own skin. Talking things through with a skilled and empathic listener gives us the opportunity to reconnect with our feelings and to make sense of our experience. Psychotherapy has helped me to develop a more compassionate relationship with myself and others and to live with greater ease and authenticity.

Psychotherapy and counselling involve exploring our feelings, paying attention to what we are doing and challenging our thinking. In this way we can take responsibility for ourselves and have more options and resources for dealing with difficulty. I can support you in this process in a respectful, compassionate and creative way.

Our issues are very often symptoms of deeper layers of trauma, loss or wounding. My specialist training and experience in working with trauma, including EMDR and PBSP (see my relevant pages) are supporting me to work at these more profound levels of healing.

I am also a trained couples therapist and a qualified supervisor for other counsellors and psychotherapists.
I am very happy to talk to you on the phone or exchange emails if you’d like any more information.
Call me on 07928 603344 or email me at chancellortherapy@btinternet.com

Chloe Chancellor MBACP Accred. Tel 07928 603344