Counselling tends to mean short-term or issue-specific work while longer-term work that addresses under-lying patterns and deeply-rooted issues may be called psychotherapy. I use the terms fairly interchangeably and I am happy to work on either a short-term or an open-ended basis.

Creating a working alliance based on warmth, trust, respect and integrity is at the heart of my work. It is what makes profound change and growth possible. I bring my own personality and views to this relationship rather than hiding behind a professional mask. While holding your past experience in mind we pay attention to how you are experiencing yourself here and now. A counselling session may include creative experiments to facilitate new experience and new insight. Working to develop all aspects of mindful awareness - of our thoughts, sensations, attitudes, feelings, bodily posture - is the most satisfying way I know of moving towards being fully ourselves as we wish to be. I can help you to engage with yourself to reach greater clarity about how things are for you and what choices you have.

I offer 60 minute sessions, usually, but not necessarily, at the same time each week. I charge £50 per session for individuals, £60 for couples. The first appointment serves as a mutual assessment where you can explain what you want from counselling and we can both decide whether to work together. It is really important that you choose the right counsellor for you and that I am honest about whether I think I can help you or not. I will discuss my confidentiality, ethics, bookings, payment and cancellation policies with you so that we can work within safe and clear boundaries. There is no minimum or maximum number of sessions: reviewing what you are getting from counselling and planning when to bring it to an end is integral to the work.
I am very happy to talk to you on the phone or exchange emails if you’d like any more information.
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