My passion for supervision flows naturally from my own experience as a supervisee. A warm, lively, and challenging ongoing supervisory relationship has helped me to grow as both a therapist and a human being. I see supervision as a compassionate, appreciative exploration of practice in order to wake us up to what is and to what we are doing, so that we may take ourselves back into that practice with deeper understanding and greater skill.

My approach to supervision is integrative, process-oriented and relational. I believe that an open, collaborative supervisory relationship enables us to work together to understand the needs of your clients, through your own relational experience of sitting with those clients. When we have created a warm, non-judgemental supervisory relationship where we pay attention to what is going on right now, we are both more able to bring - and learn from - all of our experience, including our shame and vulnerability.

I charge £45 per 60 minute supervision session. 



I am very happy to talk to you on the phone or exchange emails if you’d like any more information.
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Chloe Chancellor MBACP Accred. Tel 07928 603344