Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP) is a wonderful psychotherapeutic method with which we can set about repairing the ongoing effects of not having had our basic relational needs met in early childhood.

Originally conceived (by Al Pesso and Diane Boyden) as a group therapy, PBSP also offers a very satisfying and creative way of working one-to-one. It is a body-mind therapy with precise - yet creative, responsive and respectful - working methods which are more easily grasped through experience than through explanation.

A key aspect of this work is that we carefully create symbolic alternative memories of having had our basic needs met at the right time, in the right kinship relationship.

Repairing significant tears and ruptures in the way our history sits in us, can actually change how we view our present and what we expect from our future. For example, our past experience might give us a deep feeling of hopelessness that can't help but colour how we see the world. With Pesso Boyden therapy we can have symbolic counter-experiences that allow us to see the world differently and re-awaken the parts of us that gave up on hope (or trust or a sense of belonging or safety...) at an early stage. This also frees our adult relationships from the unhelpful pressure to provide for needs that should, ideally, have been met long ago by our parents. ln this way we make a new map with which to navigate our world, finding our way in a life that is more satisfying, meaningful and connected.
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